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Serif Affinity Photo Professional Photo Editing Software Review

Serif Affinity Photo Professional Photo Editing Software Review

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Serif Affinity Photo Professional Photo Editing Software Review

Serif Affinity Photo Professional Photo Editing Software Review

Serif Affinity Photo image editing software is a photo editing software geared towards professional photographers and image-based content creators which offers a multitude of tools and features for photo editing, image creation and other types of visual compositions. Let’s take a closer look at the quality and features offered by Serif Affinity Photo image editing software to see if it’s the right fit for you.

Serif Affinity Photo editing software


Serif Affinity Photo Editing Software sets itself apart from most other types of photo editing software by being divided into different “personas,” otherwise known as working modes. These “personas” are Develop, Photo, Export, and Tone Mapping. The Photo working mode is the one that you–and most users–will be using the most, as it’s the primary interface for the software. The other working modes are for more specific types of editing, such as working with HDR effects (Tone Mapping); pre-processing raw photo files (Develop) and finally processing the photo for use on different platforms or converting it into specific file types.

Serif Affinity Photo HDR effects

The interface for the Serif Affinity Photo software is fairly easy to understand, especially if you have used similar types of software such as Adobe Photoshop. Once you get into more complicated types of editing, there is a learning curve which non-professionals using the software for simpler photo editing may find difficult to adjust to; however, if you are in the photography or image-editing business, the learning curve should be easier to tackle.

Serif Affinity Photo curve adjustments

The software can accomplish just about any type of photo or image editing that a professional or amateur might want to do, whether it’s touching up portrait photography for your wedding business or creating creative collages for a social media post.

The one noticeable downside to the software is that many of its editing tools are ‘destructive,’ meaning they actively alter the pixels of your image and unless you’ve created a backup of the original, you will need to completely start over if you’ve decided something doesn’t work and you are too far gone in the editing for the undo buttons to work. This is easily worked around by creating duplicate layers so that all you need to do is delete the permanently edited layer to go back to what you had before, but it is a bit frustrating at times.


The pricing for the Serif Affinity Photo Editing Software is very unique: only $49.99 with no subscriptions involved. This makes the software especially useful because many professional editing software companies have decided to implement a subscription-based service rather than a single-price for a download of their software. The cost is more than reasonable for the professional level of the software, and if you are not keen on paying a monthly subscription, it definitely makes this Affinity software an excellent option.

Overall Impression

Serif Affinity Photo Editing Software is a professional-level editing program that can be used by both professional and casual users who want to accomplish a range of different edits and results with photography, paintings, and other visual content editing.

Serif Affinity Photo liquify capabilities

Professionals may be slightly frustrated by the need to create duplicate layers in the program, but the plethora of professional-friendly features makes up for the occasional annoyance. The four “working modes” make it extremely easy to jump into different types of editing, and the endless amount of tools available to use in the software will be valuable to image and photo editors on every level.

The Serif Affinity Photo Editing Software is highly recommended for professional photographers, artists and editors—as well as casual users who are interested in editing photos and image content—for its many features, fairly easy to understand interface, and reasonable cost.

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