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DXO PHOTOLAB photo Editing Software Review 2018

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DXO PHOTOLAB photo Editing Software Review 2018

The DXO PHOTOLAB photo editing software is one that is used to edit raw work. It has a highly customizable user interface that is user friendly. This software provides a useful connection between raw processing with some benefits close to those of Adobe Bridge hence it fundamental to workflow. With the help of a plug-in, it can comfortably assimilate with Lightroom.

DXO PHOTOLAB photo Editing Software review

With DXO PHOTOLAB, one is able to conduct multiple exports with a single click which is perhaps its best features. The app also allows you to export to some social media platforms directly.

DXO PHOTOLAB is normally set up with two windows, that is, the Organize and Customize. Organize mainly deals with aspects concerning the ease of use while the Customize deals with matters concerning performance.

On the Ease of Use, the Organize window is responsible for displaying image folders to the left of the panel enabling you to work on your projects while in their original location which is easier. It however offers the option of creating a new folder from where you can choose to work on the project from.

There is also the option where you can select to either print or export to a disk. For the export, the images can be exported in JPEG, HDTV, DNG or TIFF and you can choose the destination where you would like to transfer the file to.

Finally, there is a preset tool at the top right side of the window. It is here where you can edit a selected image in any of the four preset options which are Atmosphere, HDR and Smartphone, Portrait or Landscape or Black and White.

On Performance, the Customize window offers an array of tools and information. Here, the editing tools are split into several sub-groups which include; Light, Color, Geometry, Detail and Essential Tools and they enable editing in terms of White Balance Picker, Red Eye, Crop, Horizon and some Miniature effects among others.


DXO Smart Lighting

DXO Smart Lighting

This feature enhances the dynamic varieties in your image and hence bringing out the details from the underexposed and overexposed areas. They help create a tone to the entire image using face detection. It betters the contrast while at the same time adjusting face illuminations. A feature that was added to further support Smart Lighting is the Spot Weighted Mode that has post-capture fine-tuning abilities.

DXO ClearView

DXO ClearView

The purpose of this is to remove distant haze and to boost local contrasts. This feature scrutinizes the color components of an image and effects the necessary settings.

DXO PRIME (Probabilistic Raw Image Enhancement)

Its function is to recuperate actual details and colors with the help of its special algorithms while at the same time eliminating noise from images taken in extreme light conditions.

Optical Corrections

This helps in enhancing leverage based on its scientific capabilities in regards to measurements and calibrations.

Split Preview

This displays the before and after corrections through a vertical line that divides the two image versions.

Local Adjustments

DXO local adjustments

With this, a circular tool with icons is usually displayed on the screen. These icons enable editing in terms of Auto Mask, Eraser, Control Point, Graduated Filter, a manual brush and a New Mask. Each Mask normally comes with editing effects such as Color Temperature, Sharpness, Vibrancy, Exposure and a lot more. The Eraser helps to remove unwanted areas of a mask. The Auto Mask helps in making some local adjustments on the edges of the object you are painting over.

In Conclusion

The DXO PHOTOLAB was founded in 2017 and has since become the most popular editing software for Professional photographers looking to get the best quality of their RAW images.  Some of the raw format images that can be edited include JPEG, Sony ARW, Canon CR2 and Nikon NEF. This software was made as an update of a previous one called the DXO Optics Pro. It is now powered by Nik’s U Point technology from Google. Those who previously owned the DXO Optics Pro can find an upgrade on their website with special prices for upgrades available for PCs and Mac devices. This company is always on the lookout for new camera and optics in the market.

The software is available on the DXO website at a fee of about $129 for the DXO PhotoLab ESSENTIAL and $199 for the DXO PhotoLab Elite but with a free one month trial. For the general performance, the software has been seen to lag sometimes especially when moving around magnified objects but lagging is a common thing to experience in most software.

Another disappointing factor is the speed at which the images are exported which can sometimes be slow too. This of course depends on a number of factors such as the size of the file, how many files are being transferred and what settings you are using to transfer the files.

All in all, the DXO PHOTOLAB photo editing software is perhaps your best bet if your major concern is the final quality of the individual RAW image file since it has a comprehensive collection of cameras and lenses profiles. Even with the first automatic adjustments that are normally implemented on an image when you first open it are enough to prove a point.

One of the challenges you are likely to experience how to maneuver the Customize window especially because some tools appear in more than one group.

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