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Share Your Life Stories Using the Apple iMovie Video Editing Software

Apple iMovie Video Editing Software featured cover

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Share Your Life Stories Using the Apple iMovie Video Editing Software

Share Your Life Stories Using the Apple iMovie Video Editing Software

The Apple iMovie Video Editing Software has been around for quite some time now and has been accredited with providing an easy to use user interface. It provides beautifully implemented programs though at times, in its bid to ensure its simplicity, it fails to provide some of the features that are supported in other programs. This software only covers the basics such as transitions, backgrounds, voiceover, basic trimming and editing.

With an IOS or a macOS device, you can be able to create 4K resolution video clips of your choice. Making a movie has never been so easy before, all you would be required to do is to choose clips, add titles, perhaps some music and effects and you are good to go.

Apple iMovie Video Editing Software 2018

Due to its friendly user interface, iMovie does not provide tutorial guide for beginners. What it does is to provide you with tool tips as you go over the buttons and features.

The goodness of this software is that it is very compatible with other Apple products hence allowing you to automatically transfer your media through the iCloud and making it possible to view iMovie projects on your Apple television and on you iPhone.

iMovie software is the most preferred over other video editing software on Mac because it has been greatly enhanced for the modern Mac products making it to work very smoothly especially with the MacBook Pro.  For Mac owners, installing the iMovie software on their device comes at no cost.

Apple iMovie hero

Perhaps a major flop for this software is that it does not include some advanced features such as multi-cam and 360 video.

Features of Apple iMovie

Audio Editor

The audio editor of this software is very basic which limits one to a bunch of simple audio enhancements such as adding fades, adjusting the volume of clips and ducking. It also comes along with a simple audio equalizer which allows one to control the audio volumes manually. The best feature that is available on the audio editor is the Normalize Clip Volume option that allows the user to set the volume to a preferred level with just a single click.


This feature basically allows the iMovie user to incorporate the iPhoto and iTunes which makes it easier to access your media and audio files without having to import all the individual files.

Titles and Translations

These features are easy to use though they are limited to the most popular titles and translations which is not much of a big deal, besides, iMovie users are mostly amateur users who do not need complex features.


iMovies offer its users with an array of highly reliable filters to choose from. One has the choice of adding a vintage western appearance, a monochrome kind of style or a futuristic cool blue touch to their clips amongst other varieties.


Your clips here will be organized by dates; clips made on the same day will appear on the same folder hence making it easy to retrieve any clip this is particularly for those people who enjoy making vacation videos, birthday videos and basically any type of video on a special event.

Additional Features

With iMovies, changing the speed of action shots is made possible. You can also create a split-screen effect or you can use the green effect to put your character in any location you so desire.


After you are done with all the editing of your video, you can have a view of how the whole clip looks like and this can be done on a full screen. In case of any changes, you can be able to effect the changes in each clip since each will offer clip settings. It is even possible to swap positions of clips by dragging a different video on the one you would like to replace.


You might want to transfer you clip after you finish creating them. This has been made possible through a simple procedure where you can transfer files by converting them to .MOV format since it is the only format that can allow for media to be exported or you can choose to upload it directly to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or iReport which will need you to have an account with the corresponding site and have a good internet connection.

For files that are uploaded directly online, they would require you to save a copy in your computer or mobile device for future purposes.

In Conclusion

The iMovie software is great for video editing among amateur users since it is not made up of all the features that can support professional editing and besides it is free. One can use this application to get to learn about video editing before they can choose to spend cash on some of more expensive video editing applications mostly designed for professional video editors.

The only problem with this software is that it is easy to outgrow out of it. This is because its user interface is very easy to master and once you learn all the tricks and have made a couple of clips, you will find yourself wanting more from the application.

Among its disadvantages is the fact that it does not have text fonts and styles that one can use to layer over the videos for those people who would like to incorporate some bit wordy art in their clips.

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